4 myths about epoxy flooring

If you’re considering new flooring or a flooring makeover for your garage, basement, aircraft hanger or any other commercial business, it’s important to be properly informed about the myths with epoxy coatings.

We’re going to talk about some commonly believed myths about epoxy/polyaspartic flooring. You will feel more confident about epoxy flooring at the end of the article.

Epoxy covers flooring like paint

Epoxy may look like paint prior to installing it but are apples to oranges in relation to the durability. A paint coating on concrete floor will initially look great! But very shortly it will start to chip and look really bad. Epoxy chemically bonds with the concrete, This 100% non volatile resistant product will last 15-20 years.

Epoxy is slippery

Epoxy is actually itself is much less slippery than a lot of other options. Epoxy coatings has several different slip resistant options. We use flakes for more common garage. This will create raised bumps on flooring to prevent slippage even more than just straight epoxy. These slip resistant options can be a great option for garages to industrial buildings.

Epoxy flooring is overpriced

Epoxy/ Polyaspartic flooring lasts a really long time. There are of course cheaper options out there but will need more care, maintenance and even replacing them more often. Epoxy is a cost effective investment. Investing in epoxy will create an ease of maintenance for you

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Epoxy can be installed without professional assistance. 

A mix that comes with a DIY epoxy coating kit ( usually from a big box store) is a much lower quality than industrial-grade production epoxy. We use a polyaspartic top coat which is not sold in DIY kits, Its of course more expensive but the product is substantially better.

Another important aspect to the installation is the concrete surface has to be prepared correctly. Its either chemically etched or diamond grinded so that chemical bond with epoxy to concrete will be much better than DIY kit. Here at BD coatings we will diamond grind as its superior to chemical etching. This will create a long lasting bond with epoxy and concrete.

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